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Who We Serve


Our broad client base includes individuals and business enterprises

  • Whether a sole proprietorship, general or limited partnership, limited liability company or corporation real estate developer, business manager, attorney, medical professional, accountant, developer, architect, engineer, real broker or agent, mortgage broker and other business professional or entrepreneur Narvid Scott’s principals each have over 35 years of legal expertise and provide cost effective expert legal advice and counsel.
  • Major national and international commercial and residential real estate companies.
  • Financial, entertainment, hospitality, restaurant, technology, software, medical, automotive, apparel, and industrial companies regularly consult with and rely on expert advice and counsel.
  • Corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies in various businesses and real estate regularly consult with Narvid Scott attorneys in order to structure business transactions, including sales, purchases, commercial, residential and ground leases, mortgages, financing and security agreements, letters or credit and other business arrangements.
  • Major retail operators and management companies look to Narvid Scott to provide strategic advice and counsel for their employments, distribution, buy sell, non-disclosure and other transactional needs.
  • Major sporting goods and outdoor apparel and accessories licensees seek the professional expertise of Narvid Scott in connection with brand licensing, trademark, copyright and patent creation.
  • Sports training companies consult with Narvid Scott regarding marketing, distribution, supplier customer agreements.

Significant Experience

Our transactional attorneys take pride in their significant experience, which is a tremendous asset in today’s litigious environment. While litigation avoidance is always a top priority – as evidenced by our providing mediation services – when your business interests are at stake, our trial attorneys provide aggressive representation in state and federal court. Our litigation specialists regularly represent business and individual clients in trial, appellate and administrative matters, including mediation and arbitration. Our trial attorneys have handled a myriad of complex trial matters, including breach of contract, fraud, trade secret, specific performance, landlord tenant, quiet title, temporary restraining orders, preliminary and permanent injunctions, writs of attachment and possession, judgment debtor examinations, probate, wills, trust and conservatorship litigation, shareholder disputes, corporate and attorney dissolutions, and other adversary proceedings.

Narvid Scott’s broad range of expertise is frequently sought by companies and business seeking expert general counsel who have a broad range of experience in real estate, corporate and business matters.

Whether you need legal advice and guidance to negotiate and develop real estate, construction, licensing, and other business transactions, or if you need litigation expertise to resolve and/or mediate business or personal conflicts, call our law firm to arrange an appointment, and determine whether an attorney/client relationship with our firm is right for you.

Serving Both Public and Private Sectors

Active in both, public and private sectors, and serving as officers of professional, political and community organizations and governance boards and committees, our attorneys are particularly alert to changes in the law, an added benefit for our clients. As a result of our attorneys’ active civic and political involvement, we are also sensitive to local changes and trends in the community.

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


Residential and Commercial Builders

Business Managers for Entertainers and Athletes

Medical, Legal and Other Professionals