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Software | Internet

Software and Internet Law iconComplimentary to our Trademark | Copyright | Patent practice is our software and licensing expertise.  Narvid Scott provides legal services to software developers, as well as clients who contract for software and internet services including software development, hosting and supervision services.  Our attorneys structure and negotiate software development, website creation and hosting and marketing site agreements.

Collaborative Agreements

Recognizing the importance to both creators and consumers of software products, our attorneys stress the importance of creating collaborative agreements to make certain the customers’ needs, wants and timetables are considered and ensuring that regular communications and feedback are part of contracts and service agreements, as well as including milestone dates and other necessary provisions. Consideration is given to ownership and licensing rights.

Additional services are provided in the apparel and product licensing areas as set forth above.  Our attorneys provide advice and counsel for sales of software development and other high high-tech companies, using our experience in these areas and many years of corporate, business, mergers and acquisitions expertise.

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