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An Exceptional Standard of Diversified Legal Services

The Los Angeles law firm, Narvid Scott LLP, located in Encino, CA, offers an exceptional standard of diversified legal services for clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura and Santa Barbara, as well as throughout California and the United States.

We’ve spent a lot of time in courtrooms…so you don't have to.

Our attorneys have years of real time experience and expertise in courtrooms, so they know the pitfalls that lay in wait when structuring deals that hold up, or avoid, litigation and/or arbitration.

Full Service, Powerful Representation

At Narvid Scott LLP, we provide our business and individual clients with powerful efficient legal representation and advocacy. When you turn to Narvid Scott, you will receive attorneys and staff who excel in providing professional skills and the highest ethical standards, integrity and diligence. Combining significant talents and a wealth of years of experience inside and outside the courtroom, our attorneys develop and implement cost-effective, creative, and realistic solutions for the most demanding legal transactions. Whether representing individuals or businesses or serving as general corporate or business counsel, Narvid Scott provides exemplary service.


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    Whether you need legal advice and guidance to negotiate and develop real estate, construction, licensing, financial, corporate sales or reorganization and other business transactions, or if you need litigation expertise to resolve and/or mediate business or personal conflicts, call Narvid Scott to arrange an appointment, and determine whether an attorney/client relationship with our firm is right for you.

    Narvid Scott provides excellent and efficient service to individuals, as well as companies, having served as general counsel for numerous businesses as well as personal counsel for individuals since 1980.